Self-adhesive labels
are everywhere, in our homes and at our office. You may even a self-adhesive label or two in your car. Despite this obvious abundance of self-adhesive labels there are probably a few around that you have overlooked.

Novelty Stickers For Children To Play With Or Collect
Few people think of stickers when they hear the term self-adhesive labels but in fact this is the most well known use for self-adhesive labels today. Use these brightly decorated self-adhesive labels to reward good behaviour or to teach the art of collecting.

Bumper stickers
This is the adult version of the novelty sticker. Decorative self-adhesive labels , often printed with a political, social, or religious message are affixed to the back of an automobile as the car owner's way of "making a statement" to the world.

Brand Labels
Companies have long been using self-adhesive labels to display the name of their products and company information. Self-adhesive labels are perfect for labelling jars, bottles and boxes. Custom printing providers have made big business selling self-adhesive labels to companies hoping to use them to build brand recognition.

Appliance Warning labels
Every appliance from refrigerators to coffee makers comes with self-adhesive labels stuck on them warning consumers of certain dangers. Since these messages are so important, self-adhesive labels are perfect for this task because they stick securely to a variety of materials and aren't likely to fall off in transport.

Name Tags
No office party or company picnic would be complete without everyone sporting self-adhesive labels on their shirts to easily identify themselves. This use for self-adhesive labels has made its way from the workplace and is now being seen at informal get-togethers as a way to avoid lengthy, and sometimes awkward, introductions.

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