Technology improvements occur every day, and year after year companies all around the world need to assign some of their resources to their research and development departments so they can determine, among other things, how new technologies will affect them in the following years. Users and manufacturers of hand labellers are not free of these facts. They need to do their best efforts in trying to forecast what new technology will be the best for their businesses and what will give them the most benefits in costs and efficiency. This is not an easy task and must be carefully planned in order to succeed. Hand labellers for example, have been facing a new threat for some years, and the outcome of this fight has not been decided yet. We are talking about barcode readers. Why take the effort of replacing labels of every product on the shelves only to reflect a change on their price if this change can be perfectly showed to the consumer in other more elegant and efficient way? This is the question some retail stores have been asking to themselves for quite some years and the answer is not yet satisfactory. But the final word can put hand labellers to rest and be replaced by an entirely new way of reaching the same goals.

Changing the price of a product class once in a computer database is one thing and changing the price of every item of the product class physically in the store is an entirely different matter. For the first task it is necessary a couple of minutes, exaggerating. For the last one, maybe an entire day with heavy use of hand labellers and many people involved could be necessary. Hand labellers had their time, but everything points that we are facing their last moments in the retail industry.


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