There are countless advantages of using barcode readers in logistic operations. In fact, nowadays they cannot really be named advantages, because today they are part of the normal way to operate in this sector. When barcode readers first appeared various decades ago, they provided the companies with the ability to increase exponentially the speed of their operations. Today, all logistic companies that want to remain competitive must have these pieces of hardware at their core processes.

Barcode readers are the quickest way to deliver real time information of the transit of products. Lectures normally travel from the reader to a centralized computer system where information is then distributed to other systems inside or outside the organization. Some logistic companies for example, use barcode readers to provide real time information via internet to their final customers. Some delivery companies have made agreements with the biggest online retailers to provide such information. How this works? The barcode readers check the products when they arrive to the transit points. This information is first processed by the delivery company but almost immediately sent to the retailer, who is going to use the data to present it to the final customer. Logic behind here is simple. Retailers often use different delivery companies to transport their items. Customers buy through the retailer web page, not through the delivery company web page. This is the reason they are going to look for info of their purchases in the web page of the retailer, not in the web page of the shipment company. So many retailers have made agreements and have developed complex digital systems to transfer transit information in such a way that for the final customer this process is transparent. Of course to make this possible, readers are spread all over a country and even all around the world, where shipment companies have implemented transit checkpoints.

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