Hand labellers
are devices built to put labels onto products with accuracy and speed. They are also known as price guns because commonly they print prices onto the labels. They are mainly used at retail stores where mobility is required. Normally, customers always look at the price on the products themselves. Usually prices are printed on small labels which are attached by hand labellers before the sale.

Hand labellers can be configured to print several alphanumeric characters and currency symbols. Normally they can print up to three lines in a small label. Normally the first line is to print the price, the second is to print the expiration date if applicable and the third line is sometimes used as advertisement.

Hand labellers are not only used in the retail industry. There are many other industries that require their mobility and versatility. For example medical warehouses and drugstores use them to print prices and expiration dates on medicines. Schools use them to print information on office material. Normally it requires a lot of hard work and a lot of time to print prices and other information on hundreds of products. In fact, many organizations are eliminating the single pricing process at all and just indicating the price for a large group of items, thus saving time and money to provide this information to the customer.

Nevertheless, hand labellers are still used and they are probably going to be needed for some more time because it is not always possible to replace their functionality completely. When new technologies arise and reach their way into our daily lives, then these machines could become obsolete, but that is not the case right now, so expect them to be around us, making our lives easier for many years to come. Many organizations still have a lot of processes where these machines are the perfect tools to do the job.

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