The chemical industry, including that of medical facilities and pharmaceuticals, is problem the most important area for barcode scanners. Since a company is free to include descriptions based upon need under the barcode, this allows for describing merchandise that is hazardous, poisonous, or may cause any number of reactions. Being able to enter this information one time prevents the possibility of having to repeat the information and perhaps forget something important.

Barcode scanners for those in the chemical industry not only make it safer, but less tedious as well. When there are many shipments involved or a large amount of inventory, it's quicker to be able to scan everything and know that you can go on to the next job. It is unnecessary to have to have someone recheck what you did when you are taking the information right from what is recorded in the computer. When you input information manually, there is a chance for error, so it's important to have someone in a quality control position recheck your information. When you are scanning a barcode label, the only way you can have inaccurate information is if the wrong barcode label was put on the package or the wrong information was entered for that barcode.

The introduction of barcode scanners has made shipping, receiving, and selling much easier and more comfortable. Barcode labels are certainly much easier to identify than trying to read several different labels that identify the contents. Although there is still the need to identify certain contents such as hazardous materials and foodstuffs, barcode scanners and labels make it easier to identify other products that are not within those categories. In many warehouses, the computer also tells you where to place new inventory, and this is based upon scanning the barcode on a particular package in order to tell the computer what product is in question.

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