Barcode labels are crucial for almost every commercial activity of mankind. It is because of this reason that an increase in this commercial activity will certainly result in an increase in the quantity of the barcode labels needed to support such explosion. Now, barcode printers work as a team with barcode labels, so their market will grow as economy in most countries continue to expand. Consumer spending is the fuel for most than half of the economic activity in the world, and there lies the importance of the retail market, which acts as a barometer for world economy. When consumer spending shrinks, this is an indicator that something goes wrong, while the opposite are normally good news. It is important to understand this relationship because success for barcode printers is directly linked to the retail market.

The first years of the 21st century have shown an economic increase in the so called emerging markets, Asia and Latin America. Retail markets in most of these countries are still in their infant stages, so here we have a huge opportunity for manufacturers of barcode printers. They need to open representation offices in these countries and start looking for new small companies that want to add a dosage of technology and efficiency to their operations. It could prove useful to offer not only the final product but also a credit line to these small companies in order to obtain profit not only by the sale itself but for the interest gained by the loans. Most companies in emerging markets are small and medium sized enterprises, with very tight budgets, so availability of credit lines to acquire hardware for their corporations will likely be welcomed. Manufacturers of barcode printers are still on time to expand their operations to these new emerging economies and introduce their gamma of solutions to corporations eager to look for technological solutions to increase their efficiencies and reduce their operational costs.

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