Barcode printers
used in a transit warehouse need to be very reliable due to the nature of the work here. Before going any further, we first need to explain some concepts. A transit warehouse is a special type of warehouse where goods are intended to spend a very small amount of time, compared with normal logistic warehouses. Normally, they act as hubs, where several suppliers deliver goods for a huge client. After receiving the items, the logistic company in charge of the transit warehouse is responsible for delivering such goods to the main facilities of the final customer.

Movement of goods in such transit warehouse can become extremely complicated due to the agility and accuracy needed. Suppliers deliver all kind of products, some can be very tiny and others can be as huge as trucks. What causes all the havoc here is that the logistic company in charge of the transit warehouse normally does not know which products will arrive or when they will arrive, so they need to be constantly alert for new arrivals. Their primary mission is to deliver the goods to the client as soon as it is possible, or sometimes according to a predetermined schedule. Items in this kind of warehouse must be perfectly labelled to ensure a mistake rate near zero. Information is critical, so all the items are identified with a barcode label as soon as they enter the warehouse. Obviously, as the logistic company does not know when new items will arrive, they need to use their own barcode printers to produce labels when required. These barcode printers can sometimes work so hard that they need constant maintenance. But no product will enter the warehouse without been correctly labelled, so backup barcode printers enter into action once the main machines present problems. This is why reliability in these barcode printers is the most important feature for logistic companies in charge of this kind of warehouses.

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