Sometimes we may question the use of barcode scanners, thinking that with the margin of error that exists, humans could do the job more accurately. Is that really true? Think of the time involved when a human has to count products and record them into the computer in comparison to using barcode scanners to do the same thing. First, a human may miss items on the shelf or in the warehouse when counting, and though that may be possible when scanning, it is less likely since you can count all of like merchandise and count it in one transaction such as 12 of the exact same product by barcode label.

Anyone who worked in any type of industry before the introduction of barcode labels and barcode scanners can attest to the difficulty of maintaining an accurate count, and the amount of time it takes to count and record the information that needs to go into the computer—or before computers, into the inventory file. Surely, no one wants to return to those days, yet those same ones will question the accuracy of barcode scanners. Just like computers, the information coming from the scanner is only as accurate as the information going into it. It is not the fault of the scanner if prices are incorrect—it is the fault of the person who is responsible for making sure the prices are up to date.

Consider the big picture, and if you are one who is responsible for making certain the prices and inventory and correct, perhaps you should be more conscientious so that everything is always up to date. It is very difficult on everyone when you have a system in place that can save you a great deal of work but those responsible for maintaining it are not doing their jobs.

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