It is amazing the drastic way technology changes our lifestyles. From the telegraph to the internet, we always need to consider new inventions as sources of possible changes in our normal lives. Barcode labels for example, belong to the group of inventions that form a crucial part in the progress of mankind. Almost every single manufactured product in the world is perfectly identified by a brand, model and serial number, information that is attached to the products using barcode labels. This invention facilitates commerce among nations and shopping transactions all around the world. Barcode labels are powerful and irreplaceable allies in the logistic business. Also the retail market has experienced a boost since they started to use these labels several decades ago. It would be impossible for this market to even exist without the use of these useful identification elements.

It would be possible to think that barcode labels have reached their top capabilities. Nothing would be farther from truth. Evolution of this amazing technology has not finished, and it will be very likely for us to see more discoveries in the years to come. Even today we have several different models of barcode labels in the market and it is not an easy task to choose which one is best suited for our purposes. For example, the shipment industry uses a very special type of barcodes printed using direct thermal printers. These labels are made of a special type of material that turns black upon contact with heat. This technology was specially developed for the shipment industry for two reasons. First of all it is cheaper than the traditional printing technology, and secondly, the information in the labels is designed not to last a long time. Shipments usually don’t take more than a few weeks to complete so this is the perfect type of labels for this industry.

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Etiquette holds accreditation at the highest level of BRC/IOP - the global standard for packaging and packaging materials - and as SEDEX members Etiquette supports sustainable and ethical supply chains.