Everything seems to lead us think that barcode labels are going to evolve once again. Actual models will be replaced by more sophisticated designs. This is going to be possible thanks to the discovery of new technologies and procedures. In fact, prototypes of these new barcode labels are being used today in many experimental projects around the world. We believe that we are not far from experiencing a major switch in our lives when these new technologies become fully implemented and finally cause a major impact in the market. Among the most interesting technologies used by these new models of barcode labels we can find the radio frequency identification technology, which is a powerful wireless detection method, where labels are easily read by scanners from relatively long distances. The radio frequency technology is somewhat expensive right now but their costs will get probably lower in the near future. When this technology reaches maturity, some analysts are expecting it will greatly change the way we do shopping. Nowadays, most of the time people need to wait on large queues at the supermarket to pay for their goods. Radio frequency technology will practically reduce time spent in checkout to a minimum. The scanner will detect the goods in the customer’s shopping cart in such a way, that the client won’t even need to unload the products. The special scanners will detect radio frequency barcode labels in a matter of milliseconds. These special barcode labels will have microchips incorporated inside them, capable of emitting signals that will be detected by special scanners. The problem right now is that these special labels are very expensive, and we need to take into account that every single item in the store needs to have one of these very advanced microchips. When this issue is solved by engineers, we will probably see a major change in our shopping habits.

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