The logistic sector is probably one of the most benefited from the small pieces of hardware called barcode readers. Since their utilization, these instruments have provided a boost in the overall efficiency of the sector, allowing a new generation of processes to enter the market and expand it, producing dynamic operations never seen before in the commerce history of mankind.

Barcode readers are used in warehouses, to help the processes of inventory and movement control. It is very easy to read a label and inform the system of the company which product is involved in the logistic process. It is only necessary for a worker to complete a few additional information and the warehouse will have all the necessary data whenever is needed.

The shipment industry was also greatly benefited with this technology because ships are just like mobile warehouses, travelling across countries delivering goods. All the items stored in the ships are perfectly catalogued using barcode labels with a standard protocol that will be easily read using barcode readers. The only difference among land warehouses and the ships is that the later need another type of labels, designed to last only a small amount of time and support high levels of moisture.

As we can see, barcode readers represent such a help in the main logistic processes that it is not possible for a logistic company to remain competitive without using these instruments in their daily operations. Help offered by this technology is so great that many companies are investing large amounts of money in research and development to find even better ways to use the barcode readers. For example they are finding new materials for the batteries so they last more time active without the need to recharge them. This will represent an increase in efficiency for the logistic companies involved in such developments.

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