Barcode readers
are pieces of hardware designed to decode information stored in barcode labels. After such process, they store that information inside of the reader itself or they send them to a computer. Normally they are small and portable but this does not happen in all cases.

Barcode readers are normally used in warehouses, but other applications have been developed. It is possible to find readers in blood banks, libraries and video rent stores. Their uses are really extensive due to their versatility and usefulness. The most useful barcode readers in the market are those which come with wireless support. This mean they don’t have to remain attached to a computer to transmit the information as they read it, they can be far away from the terminal and use a wireless protocol to send the data, thus becoming a very efficient tool in a large building with many products spread all over the place. Sometimes a company chooses to buy the cheaper models, without wireless support, the reason for this is most of the time a budget issue, but we really recommend not going for this option because wired versions of wired barcode readers are really downgraded in versatility. There are only few applications where you can use them and even for those applications you could even do them better with the wireless versions.

There are many brands and models available in the market today, we strongly recommend you that if you are going to invest in barcode readers for your company, do an extensive research of the capabilities and functionality of all the models you can, including appreciations about their resistance in the environments where your processes are going to take place. Some readers are designed to work under extreme weather conditions and are very sturdy and resistant, while others are more fragile and are designed to work indoors.

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