With the introduction of barcode scanners several years ago, the retail industry has experienced an incredible expansion. Logistic processes at the warehouses are faster than ever and paying speed at the outlets has increased notably. Several years ago, this expansion would have never occurred, because demand would have diminished due to the slowness in the stores. In fact, chaos would have been the dominant factor. Fortunately for us, barcode scanners appear to solve such situation.

The retail industry uses a special type of barcode scanners, the ones called omni-directional, due to their ability to read the barcode labels from any angle, thus making much easier for the cashier to process the items. Most retail chains have implemented solutions that involve the use of barcode scanners, but not only at the outlets, but also at their inner warehouses, where materials and goods are organized previously to place them on the gondola shelves. Most of the solutions implemented by retail stores involve the use of complicated software to process instantly the information read by the scanners, generating invoices for the customer and making the necessary unload movements from the stock of the items. This integration generates alerts from time to time, indicating that a determined product needs to be refilled on the shelves. As we can see, barcode scanners cannot work alone, an integral solution is needed to ensure optimal quality of the retail process. Most of the time, an advanced piece of software works as a powerful glue to synchronize all the details needed to run the retail operation smoothly and without complications. It is important to notice that this integration is so critical, that when the software system is down, customers cannot make payments even if they are the outlets with the money. The information must be accurate every time at all costs.

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