We can argue that we don’t have in our homes barcode scanners, but if we look at the packaged products we consume every day, we should notice a small barcode label, and most important of all, we could notice that every barcode label, even from different brands of products, is very similar. This is due to the fact that every product commercialized needs to posses a unique identification in the form of a universal code. This code is the famous Universal Product Code, abbreviated to UPC. This system was created more or less at the same time when the first barcode scanners appeared in the market. It was created to help groceries and retailers to do a faster checkout process and to do a better job when trying to keep track of inventory.

As we can see, it is not necessary for us to have barcode scanners in our homes to be necessary linked to the fate of these pieces of hardware. They make possible for us to go to the supermarket and find an organized and fast process to buy goods. They make even possible for us to consume imported products that would otherwise be impossible to acquire. When nations agreed to use universal codes to name their products, commerce exploded at incredible rates. Barcode scanners are a critical part of this machinery, working silently for the benefit of mankind. Retail stores, shipments, libraries, blood banks, buildings, security cards, you can find barcode scanners everywhere. They maybe seem common to you, but the fact is that they are very useful and they are even evolving today to most powerful devices that will become popular very soon. Maybe tomorrow you go to the supermarket and find at the outlets that your purchase is automatically calculated without the need to unload your products from the shopping cart.

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