Many enterprises use barcode labels today for their logistic processes. They are a very useful tool when properly used, facilitating work and increasing efficiencies. Unfortunately, some companies also run into several troubles when applying barcode labels to a specific process, in fact, some companies actually lose money when using this amazing technology, rather than reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. We are going to try to show you some common mistakes in order to help you to take more informed decisions on the subject.

To decide if implementing an existing process with barcode labels is a good idea, you should do some analysis before taking any major decisions involving heavy amounts of money. Try to keen an open mind and remember that this technology is not always a magic solution. First of all try to think about the environment. Think about the external factors that could affect the whole operation, like temperature, weather, humidity and dust. Think about what type of barcode labels could work in such environment. Remember that extreme conditions of temperature or humidity could ruin a whole project if not adequately considered. Also consider the place where you pretend to run the operation, maybe there are various places where you need to make lectures, thus increasing the area of operation. Along with the decision of choosing barcode labels, could come the decision of buying barcode scanners and maybe barcode printers. You should consider if outsourcing the whole process is better for your company than investing in hardware that could quickly become obsolete. Finally, you should also consider the products where you pretend to attach the labels. Maybe they are not adequate for such a process due to their sizes, shapes, or other special features not considered here. As you can see, when first implementing this technology you need to think in several factors and not just assessing the labels alone.

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