Like many other products in today's world, plain labels are available for purchase online. Even if you want to purchase from a local source, you will find well-known stores such as Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot offering prices online that are substantially below those they charge in their stores. In addition, there are hundreds of online sources for plain labels as well. In many cases, even with the shipping costs, you will find buying online gives you a better price than you can obtain locally, even from the stores than offer both in person and online stores.


The key to finding the best online prices for plain labels is making certain you check as many online sites as possible with a minimum of 5-10. You may choose to start with the nationally known retailers but do not limit yourself to those sites. The key issue is to locate the online store that can best serve your needs for both availability and price. If you have a specific manufacturer in mind—Avery, for example—you can certainly check the offerings on their website in order to add it to your list of potential suppliers of plain labels. Keep in mind that the manufacturers tend to charge more than the average retailer, but if you are looking for plain labels that you cannot find in any of the online retail outlets or locally, the manufacturer's site is likely to be the best place to look for those less common sizes.

Once you have all of your potential online suppliers, make sure to include the shipping costs as part of the potential price, if available. If one retailer charges a lower price but has higher shipping costs, the overall price may higher. If the shipping costs are not available, you will need to go by what you have, and if you find out later shipping costs are higher from one retailer to the other, you can change where you purchase the next order of plain labels.

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