It is very important to illustrate the importance of barcode readers and to that end here is a case study that involves the use of barcode readers and exactly what those barcode readers were able to do for the business that had them installed.

There are many businesses in the world today that have not even really heard of barcode readers and a few years ago this was even truer than it is today. Barcode readers were considered luxury items and for a certain shoe manufacturer based out of Kansas City this was the typical attitude they had towards barcode readers. At the time just before they made the switch to a system under barcode readers, they had been hiring workers to catalogue their shoe inventories by hand and it had been an expense so great that it was threatening their business as a whole.

When they installed the barcode readers however, what they were able to do was attach a barcode to each piece of inventory and then scan those inventories into a central database that kept track of all of the shoes that were made and all of the shoes that were shipped. Workers would use the barcode readers to scan shoe products in and out of the database and what took five or six minutes per product before now only took about fifteen seconds per product through the use of barcode readers.

This was to be expected through the use of barcode readers. However, what was unexpected was the morale boost that the employees had. Through the use of barcode readers they were able to accomplish more work in less time and this made them feel good about themselves which in turn made them work even harder. The net effect was a positive feedback loop with barcode readers indirectly responsible. This positive feedback loop, started by the presence of barcode readers, allowed the company to cut its costs in this area by 83% and made them a much better company; all because they started with the installation of barcode readers.

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