There are many brands and models of hand labellers available in the market, so the characteristics of these small pieces of hardware vary greatly. We are going to describe in this article some of the most common features of these useful devices. First of all, most hand labellers need to be small and have a light weight. They also need to print crystal clear alphanumeric characters and currency symbols. A robust casing is normally a requirement for the hand labellers because they normally work inside heavy duty warehouses. In such environments they are subject to falls and damage proper to the intensity of the job.

The number of characters wide that hand labellers can print is also a feature to consider when purchasing these devices. You may need to print several characters in the same line, so check if the model you are looking for supports that. Normally, the standard in the industry borders the ten characters, which is pretty enough to print any price, date, small product code and even a small word.

Due to the functionality of the hand labellers, they are also known as price guns, because mainly they are used to print label prices on products. Other characteristics of these useful devices are a precise label positioning and an easy to load design. Labels need to be printed correctly to avoid delays and interruptions in the labelling process. Also, rolls of labels need to be loaded easily to avoid any damage to the fragile pieces of paper. Finally, the diameter of the label rolls is quite important, because maybe you need a device that can support large rolls to work at your biggest warehouse. A large roll has the advantage that the employee does not need to reload the hand labeller frequently, thus becoming more efficient.

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