It seems there is always something in the works that requires using plain labels—at least that is true of the average office. It's little wonder that the average office supply closet has at least three or four different sizes of plain labels. If it isn't a project that requires new file folders, then you have to ship something or you need address labels to mail out letters or information to customers or potential customers. It is a never-ending cycle, and you always have to be prepared.

Choosing the best plain labels for your projects is something that can be rather difficult if you have a variety of different things in which your company is involved. It doesn't require a great deal of expertise as such, but you do have to be on top of things and make sure that you have what you need for each project. That requires knowing how many plain labels each project requires and coordinating with the vendors to make certain you have the amount you need. It's important to be able to keep on top of things so that you don't hold up a project because you don't have enough of the right size plain labels to complete the job.

If you're running big jobs, you may want to invest in a label printer instead of running sheets through the laser printer. Not only can you print more at the same time, you don't tie up the printer for others who may have other projects to run. In addition, you will find that a label printer keeps your job flowing better because you don't have to worry about putting more sheets into the printer. For efficiency and speed when running several different jobs requiring different sizes, consider a table top label printer, and put a different size plain label on each one, thus you can run several jobs simultaneously.

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