Zebra labels
come in many different varieties for different jobs including that of barcode labels. The majority of zebra labels come in roll form to make it easier to load onto a label printer rather than a standard laser printer. Using labels instead of sheets makes the process more efficient and allows you to print more labels at the same time without having to tie up the laser printer with hundreds of sheets of labels.

When you choose yourZebra labels, you want to make sure you choose the right ones for your job and your printer. Although the roll sizes may be the same, the labels themselves come in different widths for different jobs. For example, Zebra barcode labels will be a different size than address labels or shipping labels. For those who have used any kind of labels in the past, this should be common knowledge since the rule applies to both sheet labels and roll labels.

You need to identify the type of labels you need for your job since they come in different widths for printing of one line up to five or six lines. You may want to order several rolls of Zebra labels in different sizes so that they will be available whenever you need them. It is not economical to use the same labels for different jobs because using three line labels for a one line job is wasted space as is using one line labels and printing one line on each for a job that requires three line labels.

In addition, you may need different types of labels for different jobs, and Zebra labels are available in both thermal and non-thermal styles. What kind you need depends on both the printer you are using and the purpose for which you are using the labels. Some printers can use both types of labels and others will only accept one or the other.

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