Plain labels
are printing accessories that belong to a big process that you should consider as a whole before deciding what to buy. It is like buying tires for your car, you just cannot consider the tires alone. For example, you need to consider what type of car you have to see if you need big or small tires. You even need to consider in what kind of weather your car will work, because maybe you need snow tires that are a very special model. The above example can give us a better image of the kind of decision we are going to face when buying plain labels.

The first factor you should take into account must be your business process. Probably it could help to build a diagram where all the actors and their roles are represented. First of all the famous plain labels, then probably a label dispenser if you have one, of course then the printer, then the intended output, after that maybe the rewinder receiving the printed labels. And acting as a glue of all these components, you should also consider the software. But these components, although critical, are not enough to take a good decision. Remember that you need to consider all aspects before buying the plain labels. The aspect missing here is the environment.

The environmental conditions you need to take into account are divided in two: the place where the printing process is going to be done and the place where the labels are going to remain after the printing process is concluded. Let us say for example that you need to print the labels in a perfectly air conditioned room, but later you discover that the labels are going to be placed in bags of meat that are going to be stored in huge refrigerators with a high humidity factor inside. Of course both types of plain labels needed are very different.

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