There are many manufacturers, brands and models of barcode readers. This is why is important to do an adequate research and evaluation before purchasing this equipment. Sometimes companies need to purchase dozens of readers for the implementation of a new warehouse for example. When we talk about dozens of these special pieces of technology, we are talking probably about hundreds of thousand of dollars in equipment. Imagine what would happen if a manager discovers after the purchase that the hardware is not functional for a specific project.

In the evaluation of barcode readers you should consider all aspects, environment conditions like ambient light, humidity and temperature. Also you should consider where is going to take place your entire operation to determine if you need barcode readers with wireless support or not. Additionally, you should consider the employees that will work with the hardware. You need to asses if they are specialized people or if they are not really prepared to handle such equipment. Sometimes when people are not prepared, they can damage the equipment due to improper usage. Some barcode readers are specifically designed to support falls, water and even hot temperatures. Of course models with such protections are the most expensive ones. You should perform a cost benefit analysis in order to determine if your investment will be profitable.

Another important aspect to consider before purchasing barcode readers is the kind of barcode labels they can read. Not all of them can read duo-dimensional barcode labels for example. And if your operation has this type of labels, you have a filter here. Readers with the capability to work with duo-dimensional barcode labels are the most expensive models, so you should use this type of labels only when is the last option available, because most of the time they are not really needed.

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