Although there are many brands and models of barcode scanners in the market, most of them cost more than one thousand dollars. So if your company is about to buy dozens of them to run a new logistic operation, then you want to carefully evaluate the equipments to buy. Before purchasing barcode scanners you should properly analyze all aspects of the business process they are going to be involved with. We are going to present three tips here in order to help you take the right choice.

The first concept you should evaluate is related with the barcode labels you need to read, because not all scanners can read all labels. Protocols used to encode data in labels differ greatly. For example, if you have duo-dimensional barcode labels, you will need special and expensive barcode scanners to do the task.

The second concept you should analyze is the place where the lectures are going to take place. Pay special attention to the environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, ambient light and dust. Most barcode scanners are only designed to work under specific environmental conditions. While conditions get more extreme, the price will rise proportionally. For example, scanners designed to work inside industrial freezers cost much more than simple scanners designed to work at normal temperatures.

The third concept to check is the people who are going to use the hardware. Many workers are not really capable to use such advanced pieces of technology so you should seriously consider adding costs of training to the project. Although it is true that most barcode scanners are very easy to use, this is related with some new skills not everybody have. Our advice is not to underestimate the effect that untrained personnel could cause to the project. We have seen many projects fail because of this.


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