Parallel black bars stare you in the face, day in and day out. Are you in prison? No, you are shopping. Barcodes are a part of every shopping experience from groceries to jewelry. Beyond retail, barcodes are used in all sorts of business operations around the world. Special printers make the bar codes, but what about the labels they are printed on. Those are special too, and Zebra labels are one of the leading brands of barcode labels in the industry.

There are several types of Zebra labels, designed for different styles of label printers. The most expensive printers and labels are the new “smart labels”. These labels provide an extra level of security by coupling the barcode with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) inlay. They are difficult, if not impossible, to counterfeit, and are ideal for situations where security is an issue.

Quite a bit less expensive are thermal transfer labels. These labels are available in paper and various synthetic materials. These Zebra labels are very durable and are ideal for numerous uses.

However, for many businesses, thermal transfer labels are still too costly, and they need another option. In this case, direct thermal labels might be an appropriate answer, especially if the labels will be used for indoor applications. These are the least pricey of the Zebra labels. They are made of a special heat-sensitive paper that has a chemical reaction with the heat supplied by the label printer. This reaction is what causes the lines to turn black. In addition to paper, direct thermal labels are available in the synthetic, polypropylene. The polypropylene labels are a bit more expensive than paper, but they are more durable in that they are resistant to chemicals and moisture. Direct thermal labels are available in 12 different label groups and a variety of sizes. While most come on a roll, a few are also available in fanfold.

Examine your company’s barcode needs, if cost is a major issue, perhaps these Zebra labels will fit the bill.

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