If you have a Zebra label printer, for best results you should use Zebra labels. Although many people use different brands, manufacturers always recommend using those that are specifically designed for a brand of printer for the best results. With a label printer you may find that very important because any slight differentiation in size of texture of the labels may make them less efficient or jam your printer.

Zebra labels are made for your Zebra printer, but that doesn't mean you have to buy them the same place you purchased your printer. There are various office supply stores both on and offline where you can purchase Zebra labels for your printer. The key is purchasing the labels that are designed specifically for your printer in order to obtain the best results. Using another brand of labels may not afford you the same efficiency, and as such, you will be wasting your money to attempt to use any other than those recommended by the manufacturer of your printer.

Using Zebra labels in a Zebra printer will guarantee that your printer provides the best service of which it is capable. If you don't have a Zebra printer, you can still use Zebra labels as long as they meet the size and texture requirements for the label printer you have. Both of those elements are important because any variation from the size or texture can cause the labels to become stuck as they go through the printer and jam your machine. It's important to make sure the labels you use for your label printer are compatible in order to avoid these kinds of problems. Consistent printer jams can cause damage to your printer and even if it's under warranty, you are required to exercise reasonable care—using the wrong labels does not fall into the category of reasonable care and will void your warranty.

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