When you're attempting to choose from label rewinders, you have to make the decision about quality as well as functionality. That means you need to decide whether you want good, or the better or best model. If you're within a budget constraint, this will often determine what product class you will choose, but at the same time, you have to remember to look at the big picture as well. To simply choose the lowest priced model of label rewinders may not be what is best for those who must use it. The problem purchasing agents often make is looking only at price and not at what the users of the product need.

The departments that are responsible for using label rewinders have to be able to cooperate with the purchasing department in order to assure their product needs are met. A purchasing agent is not qualified in most cases to choose the exact model of label rewinders unless they are ordering additional ones for the same department. They must coordinate with those who need the products to assure what they order is going to allow them to make efficient use of production time. If they do not have the right model, it means new label rewinders will need to be ordered at an additional cost—ordering the right ones from the start is more economically sound.

As a purchasing agent, you are responsible for meeting the needs of each department, but you are also responsible for their budget constraints. Buying label rewinders that fit into their budget but are less than their productivity warrants is courting disaster. It's important to order what is necessary for production needs even if it means budget overrides. Sometimes exceptions must be made in order to ensure long-term use of label rewinders as well as other production-related products.



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