Hand Labellers for the retail market

If you are a frequent retail customer, you will agree with us that finding a product without its price attached to it, is a really annoying experience. But just imagine for a second how many customers visit your favourite retail store and how many products the retail store sell every minute. Now wonder how many labels containing different prices are needed to maintain customers informed. Now think how often there is a change in those prices due to promotions, inflation, government policies and other external factors. This only means more labels are needed. Well, without hand labellers at hand, situations pictured above would simply become impossible to handle for any reputable retail shop.

Hand labellers are portable devices loaded with rolls of previously printed labels containing any kind of information, but most of the time what they contain is the price of the product that needs to be labelled. There are many different models of hand labellers and many different brands with different qualities around. However, the main thing to keep in mind is that they are all pretty much useful for the employee in charge of maintaining the price of the products on the shelves, every day of the year. Although in spite of the usefulness of hand labellers, nowadays some retail stores are implementing other techniques to inform their customers important information about the products they are about to buy. These techniques use the barcodes every manufacturer has to attach to every product in order to comply with the laws. Barcode readers are put near the shelves so customers can easily take the product they want and approach it to the barcode reader to obtain an easy lecture of the product price, expiration date if applicable and so on. This competition to hand labellers has not been adopted by every retail store but is something that could greatly increase efficiency inside the shop.

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