Hand labellers
are very useful to print prices and other critical information on the fly. They are used to put labels onto medicines. In drugstores and pharmaceutical warehouses, mobility is an issue because medicine packages are small and fragile. With hand labellers, drugstores can print almost any kind of data needed, from prices and expiration dates to promotional advertisement. There is practically no limit due to the versatility of these tools.

Medicines normally come in two packages. The inner package is where the medical components are actually stored and they can be made of glass or whatever other material suitable for such purpose. The outer package is most of the times a box shaped material designed for easier storage. Information of the product needs to be in both types of packages, although hand labellers usually only print on the outer one.

There are many uses for hand labellers on drugstores, not only to print prices and expiration dates, but also to print promotional advertisement or special discounts. Some of these labels need to be large enough so they can be read by human eyes at medium distances.

As you can see, hand labellers are powerful tools that greatly help to organize the medicines in drugstores. Their contribution to micro logistics there is huge. Their use also reduces searching time of medicines, because usually employees use the machines to print large labels indicating the kind of products stored in certain sections of the shop. In this way, they can quickly find the medicines they are looking for without delays in reading the small data on the original packages. Of course no matter what kind of technology is used, first of all there must be an organized logistic process where products of the same type are grouped together and maybe in alphabetical order.

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