Hand labellers
are not only used in the retail market, but also in other markets like the medical market. Normally every product here needs to show with perfect accuracy its expiration date, otherwise it cannot be sold by drugstores. This is where hand labellers show their effectiveness, to print in very small labels the expiration date and maybe the price of the product. If the expiration date needs to be printed, this process is not carried out by the drugstore who sells the medicines to the final user, but for the lab who manufactured the medicine, because they are the ones who know for how many time the active ingredients of the drugs they produce will remain useful for patients. Until this point, everything is clear, but what happens when the drugstore needs to show the final price of the medicine to the consumer, will they need more hand labellers to do the job? Some years ago there was no other possible solution and drugstores needed to accomplish this pricing task manually using hand labellers. Fortunately for them, barcode readers are performing an extremely powerful job in order to replace this process by asking for the price directly into a database, using the barcode label of the medicine as product code. Barcode labels on the medicines are already printed by the manufacturing lab before the product reaches the drugstore. So logistics processes inside the drugstore are considerably reduced by this new technology.

Sometimes labels on the products are not just a way to show information, but a way to advertise some characteristic. That is why some products carry a label attached with promotions and fancy phrases like “ultimate discount” or “buy now or never”. These labels are attached to these products using hand labellers. This process cannot be replaced by the new technology of barcode readers, so here we see an example where s will still be needed.


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