In any modern discussion of barcode readers, it is worthwhile to pause and consider some of the points that make specific barcode readers good barcode readers to invest in. In general terms, the most recent category of barcode readers to hit the market is the handheld category and while handheld barcode readers have certainly been around for awhile, at the same time they have not been around long enough to have completely destroyed the market share held by many of the other barcode readers that were being sold before their advent. With that in mind, it is important to consider both the good and the bad of handheld barcode readers and compare that to other barcode readers to see where handheld barcode readers possess an advantage and where they possess a disadvantage.

The biggest advantage in the design of handheld barcode readers is portability. In today's fast paced world where every employee is looking for a way to maximize their productivity, the idea of portability is a very attractive one indeed. Barcode readers increased productivity through their initial presence and now handheld barcode readers will increase it again through their portability. An employee can take handheld barcode readers with them in order to check inventory directly without having to grab a container and haul it all the way back the way they would have had to a few years ago when handheld barcode readers were few and far between.

While there is certainly a gigantic productivity advantage to be had with handheld barcode readers, at the same time it is not a given that they will reduce costs. This is because, for the time being at least, handhelds will still be more expensive than their other counterpart choices and therefore for the moment only where a handheld will significantly reduce travel time to and from a reader will it be a good investment. Handhelds are most definitely the way of the future however and therefore mass production will eventually bring the cost down.


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