In just a few words, label rewinders are printing accessories whose functionality is to automatically rewind labels as they are being printed. These accessories became widely known several years ago as labelling requirements for most companies increased. Putting a roll of blank labels to feed a printer is an easy task, but what will happen with the labels as they are rapidly printed? That is the problem intended to solve by label rewinders. Normally, these heavy duty machines come with sensors that can determine the amount of force needed to maintain the labels tense at all times without breaking them. As the printer stops, then the rewinder should stop too. Label rewinders use mechanical systems to maintain labels aligned at all times. The idea is to keep inner and outer edges of the labels aligned as they are being rewound.

Most label rewinders come with specifications that indicate the label width they can support and also the roll diameter of such labels. Another important parameter of these useful accessories is the rewinding speed. Normally, they come with an optimal speed range to operate and this is automatically adjustable to the printing speed. In case you are looking for extremely fast rewinding velocities you should look for the most advanced models. Most of the label rewinders available on the market are bidirectional, which means they can rewind and also unwind labels as required. This is very important because sometimes an industrial process wants to put the rolls of labels in different order, for example to invert the order of serialized labels. Label rewinders normally come with sensors that can detect when they have no more labels to rewind. At that moment they emit a loud signal indicating a replacement is needed. That is also the time when a roll is ready to be used on an automatic label applicator or just for storage.

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