It is not easy to choose adequate barcode labels for your business, in part due to the many brands and manufacturers available in the market today. However, it is important to divide labels in two big groups, each one of them using completely different technologies suitable for different industries. First of all, we have direct thermal barcode labels. These labels use a special paper where printings are not supposed to last a long time. This technology is the cheapest because it doesn’t use a ribbon to do the printing job. It works like a fax machine, where heat is transferred to the paper to form a black shade and produce the symbols required. Due to the temporal nature of this kind of labels they are mainly used in the shipment industry.

The other technology which has relation with barcode labels is the one called thermal transfer. This technology uses a ribbon and ink to do the printing tasks, thus becoming more expensive due to the fact that accessories and consumables need to be replaced from time to time. However, this printing technology produces much more durable symbols in the barcode labels, becoming specially demanded in the logistic sector, where goods sometimes need to be stored for several months.

As we can see, before selecting barcode labels in your company, you should first analyze your industry and your business processes in order to take a correct decision. For example, direct thermal labels are not designed to work outdoors or under high moisture environments, because extreme temperature or humidity conditions may deteriorate these labels even faster. Resting importance to details like this can render an entire coding operation useless and produce important losses to the company. Always ask your supplier for information regarding uses and misuses of the labels you are pretending to buy.

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