For some very large companies, speed is critical when manufacturing items. Most of the finished products must come inside a perfectly sealed and labelled package. This is where industrial label dispensers show their reliability. When some large factory have a production process that involves several thousands of finished products coming out of the conveyor belt every day, it can be really tricky to label them on time, so the use of heavy duty automated label dispensers is necessary. This kind of dispensers is large in size, with an approximate weight of 50 pounds, though some models can be even larger. They are specifically designed to work continuously without interruption and their price normally surpasses the 5000 dollars. Some large companies acquire several label dispensers for their various supply lines. They even have some in their own stock because stopping production is more expensive than waiting for the repair to take place, so they simply replace the broken label dispenser in a matter of minutes.

Industrial label dispensers are normally highly configurable and they can support various labels sizes. Speed of dispense is always a parameter and depend on many factors Most of these large models use ultimate technologies to offer maximum accuracy because they will work practically without human supervision. The rate of failure must be close to zero. Normally, these machines come with photo sensors to provide the necessary accuracy for a large production process. Most manufacturers of label dispensers normally do not have in their catalogues the larger models, because demand for these devices does not increase rapidly, as is the case with the smaller and lighter models. Larger machines are generally produced by companies with several years in the market and with a lot of experience dealing with the small and medium sized models. They generally add large label dispensers to their offer in order to complete their gamma of products or to enter new markets.

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