It is incredible the amount of labels needed in the world every single day, most of them are required by government regulations in order to provide the final customer with accurate information about product features. And as commerce increases every day, so increases the use of label dispensers in the market. Some companies sell thousands of items of the same model every day. All these items have exactly the same characteristic.

They only differ in the famous serial number, so manufacturing companies usually work with printing companies requiring from them rolls of labels to attach to their products. This printing companies need to do a job that requires precision and speed. So they normally build industrial printing lines which start with label dispensers that supply labels to the printers. These printing lines need to work usually in a continuous way, so all the links in the chain need to have the ability to work without interruptions.

This is why you can find industrial label dispensers in the market equipped with sophisticated sensors and technology that allow them to work with perfect accuracy. Any mistake in the chain could prove fatal. For instance a label trapped in the dispenser or in the printer and the whole process is totally wasted, causing thousands of dollars in losses to the company.

Precision is required, but precision has a cost, and industrial label dispensers with such quality in their technology are the most expensive models of any brand. Nevertheless, investing in sophisticated label dispensers is paramount in order to provide your business with and edge over other companies, thus creating a competitive advantage merely by the use of better equipment in your daily operations. This is why we recommend that for medium and large printing processes, you should do a careful analysis of all the models and brands of dispensers available in the market in order to choose the best.

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