To some people label rewinders may appear to be a frivolous expense, but that depends on the purpose for which you are printing labels. If you are printing labels from a roll and intend to use them right away, it may not matter if you have label rewinders. On the other hand, if you tend to print labels ahead of time, especially for those ongoing projects that require the same information on the labels, it makes sense to have labels on a roll for easy storage and easy access. Even if you do plan to use the labels immediately, it is much easier to remove them from a roll than to attempt to remove them from a curled wad off the roll.

In addition to ease of storage and usage, use label rewinders prevent your labels from curling after they print. Without label rewinders, your label will come off the printer in various disorganized ways, thus causing them to curl, fall onto the floor, and to possibly become dog-eared and unkempt as well. When that happens, it is also very difficult to wind your labels onto the roll again, so in many cases, you are likely to find that you have to toss the entire job and begin over. That, of course, defeats the purpose of printing labels in the first place – to save money. Investing in good label rewinders for your label printers will help you save time and prevent the possibility of having to reprint labels because of improper rolling after the print process.

Any job that is worth doing at all is worth doing correctly the first time. If you can print labels and rewind them onto rolls using labels rewinders, you have accomplished that task efficiently. It is not good business practice to do a job twice inefficiently when you can do it once efficiently.

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