Label dispensers are machines designed to build rolls of labels making it easier to apply labels to products at later times. In the market, there are manual and electric label dispensers and a large variety of styles suitable for any need and budget. Manual dispensers are mainly used when mobility is required and when labelling is not performed in a fixed location. Electric dispensers are used more frequently in higher volume applications and are used usually in fixed locations. Some dispensers are tabletop, others are wall mounted. They are made of different materials such as plastic or metal and they support various widths to accommodate different types of labels. They can use different types of labels such as paper or vinyl labels and they are available for single or multiple label rolls. When using the electric dispensers, when the operator takes a label, the next label is automatically dispensed and ready to be taken and applied, eliminating the need to pick labels from the wax paper. The last operation can be very time consuming.

The only thing that the operator has to do is to load the label dispensers with rolls of pressure sensitive labels and turn the unit on. The dispensers automatically advance the labels and peel the leading labels out of their sticking paper. Once the first labels are removed the dispensers re-feed and stop at the next label.

I can imagine a shipping room without label dispensers. Here you need to use all kind of packages with different labels such as “Handle with care”, “this side up” “air freight or “ground freight”, etc. Label dispensers would make the work much easier because they would not only maintain the room in order by keeping the wax paper inside the machine but also would help employees to work in more productive and efficient ways.


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