Depending on which sector companies work, they may consider buying label printers to use them on their production processes, or maybe simply outsource the printing process to one of those enterprises that work on the printing on demand business.

Label printers, as their name indicates, print labels. But printing labels is not like printing simple documents at home. Most of the time labels printed need to carry on barcodes and also specialized security symbols using special paper. Not every printer on the market can do this, so when we talk about label printers we are referring to the specialized models designed for industrial purposes and not for home made applications. Price for these printers can vary depending on the size and characteristics of the machines, but usually price ranges between $200 and $400.

Label printers have evolved through the more than 50 years corporations have needed special labels to attach to their products. Most labels printed use self adhesive paper, so they are ready to be attached to the products immediately. Another large group of labels use wet glue to accomplish the same objective.

A lot of companies in the world, since candy makers to airplane manufacturers need labels at some step of their production processes to attach to their products. Most labels are thermal ones, which mean they use heat to melt the ink into the paper, although there are more advanced models on the market.

Speed of label printers is something to consider, because it affects their price in a direct proportion. Printers will soon be designed to produce, rather than print labels for the radio frequency industry, where every product needs to count with a tiny microchip as a mean to be identified later. Technology for these devices is evolving, but we have not seen their final evolution yet.


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