The label printing industry is constantly evolving, and this not only concerns printers, but also accessories like label rewinders, which provide interesting solutions to increase efficiencies and at the same time reduce costs of heavy industrial printing processes. There are many brands investing in their research and development departments to improve technology used by label rewinders in order to produce better models of these incredibly useful devices. Partnership among well known brands is also becoming quite popular, obtaining even better products which result in a direct benefit to the final customer.

The printing industry has grown rapidly following the logistics and retail markets. These two markets grow with the increase in commerce among countries and the increase in mass consumption products respectively. So there is no surprise that markets directly related to logistics and retail also enjoy the benefits of such an expansive wave. Manufacturers of label rewinders have found a sharp increase in demand in the first years of the 21st century, and competition has become more aggressive. This also greatly benefits the final client by adding downward pressure to prices. Label rewinders can vary in price depending on their characteristics, for example, a model with a digital label count, which in fact is an accessory of the rewinder, can cost up to 1000 dollars. This amount of money becomes an issue when a company needs to buy dozens or even hundreds of rewinders.

It is important to compare label rewinders before investing in them, so we recommend managers to visit printing expositions to find a complete solution to their printing needs. There they will find printers, dispensers, labels and of course rewinders. All the suppliers for the printing market gathered in a single place. These expositions are great places to find good prices and make good deals. Also they are great to see the machines in action and make all kind of questions to the participants.

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