Label rewinders
are printing accessories that facilitate media output. Some industries need to print high amount of information in the form labels at high speeds, the idea behind the rewinder is to provide a way to wind the media as soon as they get out of the printer. To understand this procedure we need to look at the two sides of the coin, the media input to print the labels comes in rolls, but what happens with the media output?, it can simply get out of the printer with no guide at all and printing facilities can easily end up with a mess of printed paper all over the place. Label rewinders are the solution for the problem. They capture media output and start rolling it as soon as it gets out of the label printer.

Label rewinders are not always necessary. It all depends on the business process. For example if you are going to print just one label every hour, you don’t need a rewinder. But if labels printed come in large quantities then you should probably end up looking for an accessory like this to complement your operation.

Label rewinders come in a large variety of sizes and shapes, and also prices. Most of the brands in the printing business also supply printing accessories like these. Prices for these add-ons can fluctuate between 50 and 1000 dollars, depending on their characteristics and functionalities. Some of them can function with almost any printer and some are designed for specific models. Remember that rewinders that do not need to communicate with the printer to do their job are more advanced because they do not cause an increase in operational costs for investing in expensive communication software. You should contact your local supplier in order to get more information about label rewinders.

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