If we try to calculate how many products are sold on the retail shops every day, then we would find an amazing amount. These products need to be labelled with barcodes using international standards, and these barcodes will be attached to the products in the form of barcode labels. So what we have here is that every single day there are zillions of products that need to have barcode labels on them and these labels need to be printed. So we have barcode printing companies doing an unstoppable job every single day to supply this incredible demand for labels. It is perfectly clear that the main processes of these companies need to be configured for optimal performance. Barcode printers alone cannot do the job. They need support from other pieces of hardware, like label dispensers and label rewinders. All these machines are quite useful for the printing industry, and this is why you can find industrial label dispensers in the market and also manufacturing companies building more sophisticated label dispensers every day. You also have companies that make rolls of labels and inks and glues. In fact, this whole industry is pretty huge and label dispensers are just a small part of the big picture. Basically, every single country in the world consumes products that have attached barcode labels on them. So now you know how those labels reached those products and you also know the part that label dispensers play in this. Everything is orchestrated to put a final consumable product on your table day after day. This is the labour of the printing industry and all the people that work there. Of course, this job would be impossible to do without the support of specialized pieces of hardware like the ones we have described above.

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