Normally, retail stores buy huge amount of products to suppliers to sell exactly the same products to final consumers at a later time. The products they buy are commonly packaged in large boxes labelled with critical information for the retail shop. Labels employed in these large boxes are printed using label printers. These devices are different from the so called price guns, which are machines employed to put the final price to unitary products. Price labels are small and can be printed on the fly, package labels normally need to last longer, so they cannot be printed with hand labellers, so this is when label printers come into scene.

Normally, retail stores handle their own warehouse which has a very complicated logistic that must be perfectly accurate to avoid running out of stock of some product on the gondola shelves. The critical factor when dealing with this large logistic process is just in time information. With the help of label printers, packages can have critical and accurate information for the retailer. It is an entirely different matter to find a box with absolutely no indication of its contents, than finding the same box with indications about the manufacturer, the amount of items it contains, its weight, volume and final destination. Even expiration date of products can be printed and attached to boxes.

Label printers play a critical role for the retail market, not for the final consumer logistic, but for the backbone internal processes that happen away from the final customer sight. What the final client sees are just the products ordered over the shelves in perfectly designed ways, and is completely unaware of everything that happened before that product reached those shelves. Label printers are just the tools behind the scenario but are critical for the success of the retail market operations.

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