In the recent years we have been hearing about a new technology called radio frequency identification. This technology employs microchips attached to labels in order to inform a device called the RFID reader of the information inside the label. This information travels through the air using radio frequency signals to reach its final destination, which is generally a database inside a computer system. These microchips are generally enclosed in paper labels or any other printable synthetic material, so label printers designed to take advantage of this technology will need to adapt their features to support this new trend.

Label printers that will work with RFID microchips could be even more specialized by adding the ability to print the microchips. This could prove to be the last frontier to surpass for these devices, at least in the not so distant future. With they ability to print the chips and enclose them into labels or synthetic material, these label printers will become the most efficient way to catalogue products. Of course, this process could be very costly when first applied, but as technology improves costs will decrease proportionally.

Software used by label printers capable of working with RFID technology will be equally advanced. Two types of software will be necessary, first, software to produce the chips probably using some sort of silicon derivatives, and second, software to perfectly enclose the chip into the final labelling material. Label printers so advanced will greatly increase performance in many economic sectors, being retail and logistic sectors the ones that will enjoy most benefits.

Label printers of the future will see the light only by investing in research and development. But this money could generate some real good profits for the companies decided to run the risks. Better than just apply new technologies is build the future by discovering new ones.

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