Heavy industrial printing processes need to be as efficient as possible in order to maintain operational costs at low levels. Thus, printing accessories like label rewinders are likely to find their place in this context. To understand batch printing we first need to explain what serial numbers are. In brief terms, serial numbers are unique identifiers used primarily to distinguish among products of the same type and model. For instance, serial numbers are required to know if a product sold by a retail store is included in the warranty.

Stores and manufactures know exactly which product was sold to a determined customer by keeping track of the serial number. Now, with this process in mind, imagine how many mass consumption products are sold every day in the retail stores around the world, imagine the number of radios, cellular phones and televisions sold. They all have their serial numbers somewhere inside or outside the product. The crucial point to consider is that these serial numbers are printed on labels using special printers. Rolls of such labels are printed continuously in large quantities. Of course this is an industrial process.

Machines need to do the work because humans are slow and label rewinders help a lot here. So serialized labels are printed and at the same time label rewinders capture the media output to immediately produce rolls and more rolls of serial numbers. Without intervention of label rewinders, this amazing amount of labels would just spread out of the printer in a chaotic fashion, impossible to handle.

Industrial processes simply cannot afford to have such inefficiencies on their way. Label rewinders avoid batch printing to become a mess and help manufacturers to correctly label their products. Rolls of labels rewound by these useful devices can be processed by industrial label applicators or just stored at warehouses for later use.


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