If you're a small business owner who is just considering the move to using barcode scanners, you may want to talk to other business owners to get a feel of what to expect. You have obviously been used to doing everything manually, so the transition to an automated system will be a welcome change for you. Using barcode scanners means that new employees will not have to ask you about prices unless they are not in the system, so the training process will be less time-consuming. It also means when there is a line of people waiting, you can be assured they will be served quickly and accurately.

When your orders arrive, instead of having to take the time to record everything manually, you can scan the new products right into inventory. With new inventory being recorded as soon as it arrives, there is less of a chance that it will be overlooked. If you don't scan new products as soon as they arrive, make it a point not to put them away until they are scanned. Barcode scanners reduce the amount of time you need to enter new products into inventory, and your inventory is always accurate. You should teach your employees how to enter new inventory as well so that if they need something from new stock while you are not there, they can enter it before they ring it for a customer.

Barcode scanners at the registers means less chance of error in ringing merchandise. If you previously depended on memory for your prices, that likely meant if you weren't in the store and couldn't be reached, an employee had to guess at a price if they forgot or it was a new product. You now have all of your prices into the computer so there is not a question unless you fail to enter something.

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