Barcode scanners
of the future will offer the user a level of versatility and speed never seen before in the world. A dramatic way to achieve this goal is to use some of the new technologies discovered today and combine them with technology used by conventional barcode scanners. We all know the explosion the internet has experienced over the last years, and we also know that the network expanded its capabilities to use wireless protocols in order to allow people to access the internet from remote locations. A similar procedure combined with the power of barcode scanners has created what we know today as the radio frequency identification technology. According to the goals of this newly discovered technique, products and items to be read are no longer passive instruments. They are now designed to inform to the systems their identification codes, status, location and other useful data. Barcode scanners will receive at the same time information from various places and they will process only what is relevant and what they need for a specific process.

As we can see, wireless protocols are here to stay, no more connection cables will be needed. We will only need powerful antennas to connect our remote locations with our central systems. But the technology has many uses, for example, a portal could be developed in the retail outlets, where the customers approach to pay for their goods. This portal will scan everything that crosses below it, so the total amount of your purchase will be obtained in the blink of an eye. These portals are going to be installed in all the supermarkets and will be the barcode scanners of the future. People won’t need to wait a long time in large queues to know how much they need to pay for their items.

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