Although the terms for barcode scanners and readers are used all over the world indistinctively, certainly there is a difference. The theory tells us that barcode scanners are more advanced than barcode readers and that they use a completely different method to do the lectures of the symbols in the barcode labels. They normally use lasers and mirrors to scan the symbols in the labels back and forth. This kind of movement has been the reason to name these pieces of hardware. Also, an important difference between readers and scanners is that the later are not designed to be portable, or at least that is not their main purpose. On the other hand, one of the main capabilities of the readers rest upon their mobility. Of course there are also similarities in both equipments, for example, barcode scanners also use photodiodes to measure the intensity of the reflected light that comes from the labels.

There are many models of barcode scanners available in the market today. Most of the models end up working in retail stores and huge logistic companies. In fact, almost all retail stores today have purchased powerful scanners for the outlets. These scanners use omni directional laser beams to scan the labels in the products, thus producing the fastest lectures available for the industry. Of course these advanced barcode scanners are the most expensive models around.

Some analysts are predicting the final era of these pieces of hardware. They say they will be replaced by their most powerful cousins, the radio frequency identification scanners. These scanners do not need to use lasers or mirrors to perform lectures. They simply detect the items from a prudent distance. With this hardware at the retail supermarkets, people won’t even have the need to unload their items from the shopping carts.


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