Label dispensers
are pieces of hardware designed to provide single labels obtained from large rolls. The rolls are attached to the dispenser, which has the function to provide single labels to another device or to an employee. Label dispensers are useful because they make the dispensing of labels an easy task. If not present, employees and even other equipment such as printers could have several difficulties in order to gather labels.

There are basically two types of label dispensers available in the market today, although among the two types, there are many price ranges and models available. The two large groups in which label dispensers are classified are the manual and the electric. Manual devices are of course cheap and easy to use, with not so much technological features. On the other hand, electric dispensers are designed to provide accurate operation and sometimes they use advanced technological gadgets to accomplish their tasks.

Sometimes, label dispensers form part of complex production lines designed to produce printed labels for the retail industry or any other industry that requires it. The use of dispensers make that most of the manual labour needed is eliminated, thus providing added value to the operations. Some dispensers use photoelectric sensors to know where a label finishes and begins another. Also, some dispensers are designed specifically for an industrial process. Not all dispensers follow a predefined standard, although the technology used could be the same. There are even industrial dispensers designed to work continuously and without interruptions of any kind. Such dispensers use special electric parts that make them a costly piece of hardware. The idea behind the technology used by the dispensers is to recover the cost in the added value they provide when increasing the efficiency of the processes where they are involved.

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