It is hard to imagine a home without items that contain labels indicating some useful information. Electric equipments contain labels indicating voltages. Food packages contain labels showing expiration dates and medicines contain labels with information about components and chemicals. All these labels were once plain labels, which are just blank labels ready to be used at printing processes. Do not think these labels are just white in colour. They can have a wide variety of colours. They simply do not have previously printed data on them.

Without the use of plain labels, you would not be able to buy groceries at the supermarket, because simply products would not have their prices on them. Maybe some products would not even have barcodes to identify them and cashiers could not process them. Without plain labels, you would not be able to ask for a replacement when you buy some malfunctioning product like a television or cellular phone, because it would be impossible to recognize the serial number of the product you have bought. Without plain labels, a delay to identify books would likely happen, because employees would need to manually type the ISBN code instead of just reading it using a barcode reader.

Plain labels are needed in the shipping business to identify packages, so without them, you could not be able to send or receive products using delivery companies. Logistics would be nearly impossible. Commerce would have a serious impact. We are probably not aware of the importance of small self adhesive labels in our lives, as they act silently in the background processes of commerce. But the fact is that without them and all the devices surrounding the barcode printing industry, our lives would have to face pretty serious disadvantages. But for our benefit, the barcode printing industry is improving every day, discovering new technologies and reducing operational costs in many business sectors, thus, contributing with world commerce at unprecedented levels.


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