You have to make the choice between plain labels or printed labels, but you aren't sure of the best choice. Even if you have labels you use routinely, you may not want to use plain labels instead of ordering printed labels that you may not use for some time. Printed labels that you do not use for a long time may become dog-eared at the edges and thus difficult and unattractive to use. For the reasons already discussed, you may want to consider using printed labels only for work that you require a great many labels. Another option if you want to use printed labels is to order them in small quantities that are comparable to the about of use.

When you have to make a choice between printed and plain labels, you want to consider all of the potential advantages and drawbacks. Firstly, it is never a good idea to have more printed labels than you need if for no other reason, they take up space in your supply closet that you could use for something else. You want to only have enough supplies to accommodate projects that you will complete shortly (30-60 days) rather than having printed labels for projects that may take you five or six months to complete. If you find later that your need is increasing, and you need printed labels, you can order them at that time.

Plain labels are more versatile, allowing their use for many different projects at the same time. With a size that fits many different needs, it's unlikely you can have a supply of unused labels for any length of time. Of curse, you don't want to order a case at a time, so you still need to be careful to only order what you can reasonably use in a thirty to sixty day period.

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