It is really amazing the number of industries that need to use plain labels in their applications. Practically all industries and markets need to use labels at some point on their business processes. Plain labels are normally printed with barcodes on them, but this is not always the case, sometimes they are used to print other kind of data. Almost every product you can imagine has been produced with the help of these small identifiers.

We can see labels in toys that kids manage to degrade due to hours of play. We see labels on electrical equipment of our homes, like radios, televisions, microwaves and refrigerators. They are made to last a long time and they generally carry de serial number of the electric equipment. Without the help of plain labels in these devices, you could not ask for a warranty replacement in case of malfunction, because the serial number of your piece of equipment won’t be there to indicate the seller the exact machine you have bought. Of course, these labels contain a lot of information, so they are not plain labels in the exact term of the phrase, but they where such kind of labels once. We can see labels in wires too, although you might think this is impossible, some wires carry their specifications in small labels attached to them. Plain labels are used to print information on medical products too, their barcodes, storage temperature and humidity resistance, just to name a few useful stats.

As we can see, it is countless the number of applications where plain labels are used. The prices of the products you find every time you go to the retail market have also been printed using these labels. You may think this is an easy task, but for that information to reach your hands in the form of a label, a lot of business effort has been done.


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